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Laundry Room Management For Ideal Customer Experience​

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LaundroSmart is the SMART way to manage your laundromats – get a complete end to end laundry room management solution.

Enjoy better customer management and give your customers an easy access and a simple experience by using their own smartphone. 

Laundrosmart builds a customer’s CRM system for you, allowing you to give a better service and ultimately gain better customer loyalty. 

Access the LaundroSmart app and the management dashboard, and upgrade your revenues stream, improve productivity and earn more money.

Higher Revenues

Attract more customers to your laundry room by offering an innovative and superior user experience. Offer advanced services such as machine reservation, optional features and more. 

With LaundroSmart, you enjoy ideal equipment and cash flow management for all your stores.

Easy Payment

Allow your customers to operate washers, dryers and other equipment directly from their smartphone. 

Customers can add funds to their account directly from their phone, using any popular electronic payment method available.

A Smart CRM

Engage with your customers – we made it simpler to give better service and support. 

LaundroSmart CRM allows you to use predefined automated tools such as notifications, in-app support, easier refund process, etc.  

Smart Customer App

LaundroSmart offers a user-friendly app, accessible and available anywhere and anytime.

With an easy registration and identification through your customers’ phone number, LaundroSmart is an easy to use – no hassle no fuss solution. 

Work with all Brands

You are not limited to a certain manufacturer or brand when you use LaundroSmart

Maintain your flexibility – our software supports any generation of laundry equipment, any manufacturer or brand. Your room, your choice.

Gain Control

Operate your room with full control – the LaundroSmart backoffice allows for flexible room management: pricing, machine programs, machine control and more.

Enjoy flexible prices without membership cards – change pricing and offer special discounts based on your customers’ purchase history.

A Smart Dashboard
for Central Management

Manage multiple rooms from the convenience of your office! Access all the information and insights you need with the LaundroSmart dashboard.

Our central room management delivers the statistics you need online. Track and manage your rooms remotely: malfunctions, washing machine and dryer usages, inventory and more. Simplify your decision-making process and ensure optimal use of your laundromats. Use the information to increase revenues and avoid downtime. 

A Smart App
for Exceptional Experience

Though the LaundroSmart app, your customers can easily add softener, choose cycle, reserve a machine or check if machines are available before they come in. Engage with your customers to create loyalty, use the app to give added value to loyal customers, and make them return to your room. 

The LaundroSmart app lets your customers enjoy a better user experience, while you get happier customers. 

Smart Point Of Sale

Although all your customers need to operate the machines is their personal smart phones, you can also choose the LaundroSmart POS, with an on-site accessible screen, easily manageable by any customer type. The POS, a 7 Inch screen, accepts all cashless payment methods, and can also integrate with the cashbox in your room. 

About LaundroSmart

Operate without barriers: LaundroSmart is a platform developed to assist both laundry room users and owners. Through a cloud-based technology, all devices are linked: the customers’ smart phone app, the owners’ dashboard, and the actual machines on-site.

LaundroSmart has operated since 2015 to answer the needs of laundromat operators and has processed over 1,000,000 transactions around the world. This solution allows you to manage laundry rooms cashlessly and remotely, and better know your customers.

We support machines from any generation, by all manufacturers and platforms. We also support multiple manufacturer co-operations, so customers can spend their pre-paid app money on different vending machines at your location. LaundroSmart helps laundry room operators avoid fraud, misuse, manage transactions easily, avoid expensive set-up fees for points of sell.

With experience ranging through several countries and different types of machines, we offer the optimal management solution. Feel free to contact us through our 24/7 customer service support.

Complete Control

Manage your laundromat as you see fit. Give your customers control over their time and money


Use reliable real-time information. Avoid downtime for malfunctions or overuse. Make sure that your room is used in an optimal way.


Choose to work completely cashless, price per customer -have complete control over your revenues at the tip of your fingers.


Encourage customer loyalty, as they return to the user-friendly and smart laundromat.

Illustration of a laundry room


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