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We’re pioneering the future of laundry operations with our advanced technology. Leveraging cashless payment systems and real-time telemetry, we transform how laundromats and multi-housing laundry services operate, ensuring top-notch efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Streamline Your Operations

Utilize our advanced smart technology to continuously monitor the status of your laundry machines, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency. Receive instant alerts directly to your device regarding any issues or necessary maintenance, enabling swift action to resolve problems and minimize any downtime, thereby maintaining continuous service availability.

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance the convenience for your customers by allowing them to preorder laundry slots according to their schedule, significantly reducing wait times and improving their overall service experience. Additionally, support a diverse array of payment methods, including mobile payments and cards, to cater to a broad range of customer preferences and simplify the transaction process.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage our comprehensive analytics to deeply understand usage patterns and operational efficiencies, which assists in customizing services to meet customer needs more effectively. Utilize this data to make informed decisions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability through optimized resource management and strategic operational adjustments.

Innovate with Smart Technology

Equip your machines with LaundroSmart technology to incorporate advanced features such as remote diagnostics, allowing you to troubleshoot and resolve issues without needing to be physically onsite. Additionally, utilize performance tracking to closely monitor and report on the efficiency and usage of each machine, significantly enhancing maintenance schedules and ensuring maximum uptime.

Competitive Advantage

Provide your end-users with unprecedented control over their laundry operations through intuitive interfaces and seamless integration with their existing systems. By offering solutions that streamline both operations and maintenance processes, you set your offerings apart in the marketplace, increasing the appeal and competitiveness of your products.

Partner for Growth

Collaborate with us to expand your market reach by implementing our comprehensive digital solutions, which are tailored to modernize and enhance laundry services. You’ll benefit from our robust marketing support, comprehensive training programs, and regular technology updates, all designed to equip you with the tools necessary for success and growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Technology

Supports diverse payment methods including cash, credit, debit, PayPal, and Google Wallet, catering to all customer preferences. This flexibility enhances accessibility and convenience for users, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Provides instant updates on machine status, helping laundromat owners prevent downtime and maintain continuous operation. This feature enhances customer service by ensuring machines are always operational when needed.

Enables customers to reserve laundry machines through the mobile app, which helps in planning and reduces wait times at facilities. This feature adds a layer of convenience, transforming the laundry experience into a more streamlined and user-friendly service.

Offers robust reporting tools that analyze usage patterns, operational efficiencies, and customer behavior. These insights help laundromat operators make informed decisions that can lead to cost reduction and increased profitability.

Designed to grow with your business, the platform can easily expand across multiple locations. It offers a consistent management experience and performance insights no matter the scale of operations, supporting both small businesses and large enterprises efficiently.

Digital Laundry Management

Smart Central Dashboard

Manage multiple laundry rooms from one central dashboard. Easily access crucial data like machine usage, inventory levels, and malfunctions—all remotely. This centralized management tool simplifies decision-making, enhances efficiency, and helps increase revenues while minimizing downtime.

Smart App for Enhanced
User Experience

The LaundroSmart app allows customers to select laundry settings, reserve machines, and check machine availability from their smartphones. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty by adding value to their experience.

Smart Point of Sale

Enhance customer convenience with the LaundroSmart POS system. This accessible, on-site screen accepts all cashless payments and integrates seamlessly with your cashbox, providing a smooth experience for all users.

The LaundroSmart Edge

LaundroSmart stands out by combining innovation with practicality. Our platform not only increases the efficiency of laundry operations but also enhances the user experience, making it a leader in the digital transformation of the laundry industry.

Supported Brands

Our supported brands include leading OEMs and technology companies. Together, we’re setting new standards in the laundry industry

Technology and

Business Expertise

Founded in 2015, LaundroSmart is at the forefront of innovative technologies for laundry room management. Our team of experts in technology, operations, and customer service drives our mission to modernize laundry management globally.


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